AutoWay Software


AutoWay is an unmanned software and hardware package which allows unattended weighing by use of proximity cards 24 hours a day. The system is designed to be used either through the Standard Auto Weigh system, or used privately.


Public System:

The Standard Auto Weigh system provides additional revenue for weighbridge owners by allowing public weighing on the site. There are over 4000 cards issued to transport companies throughout Australia and the billing and collection of monies is performed by Standard Auto Weigh, a division of Standard Weighbridges Pty Ltd. At the end of each month Standard Auto Weigh sends the weighbridge owner a cheque for all weighings performed on the bridge less a small percentage for administration.


AutoWay - Final Testing

AutoWay in final production testing
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New AutoWay Installation

New AutoWay site being installed.
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Private System

The AutoWay system can be used publicly or privately. When used privately, the system produces tickets and uses smart card technology as in the public system, but all weighings and access to the equipment are within the control of the weighbridge owner. As well as producing Axle tickets, the system can be set up to run unlimited jobs which produce tally sheets. Each job can be viewed or printed with net totals and/or sub-totals, sorted by either driver, product or store, for any time period. The AutoWay System can also incorporate a security camera module which records two pictures for every weighing, one to verify that the vehicle being weighed is correctly located on the weighbridge and the second to capture its registration.



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