DayWay Software


Dayway is our manned public and private weighing package. It allows gross, tare, nett, RTA registration and axle weighing tickets to be generated in a NSW Department of Fair Trading approved format. 

It has many features including:

Comprehensive historical search features. Searches can be performed for any ticket, customer, registration, driver, goods weighed, etc, in any time period.
Tickets can be reprinted at any time.
Operator log-on and log-off facility.
Automatic calculation of charges (including GST) for all weighing types.
Generation of Department of Fair Trading Tare Book for any time period.
Allows use of multiple tares.
Shows time remaining for valid tare period. (Tares are only valid for 24 hour in NSW).
Axle tickets generated for any axle groupings.
Ability to generate statements to customers for any time period.
Built-in ability to fax tickets within the software.
Use mouse or function keys to speed up operator input.
Optional JOB module (tally sheets) which can run multiple jobs.



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