Driver Control Station


The Driver Control Station (DCS) is a 11 inch touch screen connected to a PC and mounted on a post at the weighbridge for driver input. Drivers can enter information by selecting a function or option from a series of touch buttons drawn on the screen. Each load is identified by a fleet number (customer number) and a driver number (driver name). 

Options a driver can perform are:

RE-SCREEN (Refine existing product)

Each fleet number can be configured to allow a driver to view only the functions they are permitted to perform and products they are permitted to carry. This provides easy selection and helps avoid errors.


Touch Screen on Driver Control Station

Truck driver using Touch Screen on Driver Control Station
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Driver Control Station

Truck driver using Touch Screen on Driver Control Station.
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The touch screens are controlled by the main system and allow a driver to:
Select a unique company number or fleet number, and the driver's identifying number, to identify the load and carrier.
Register a Tare or Gross weight when entering the site.
Register a Nett weight when leaving the site.
Select the goods being received or despatched by product name or code.
Be directed by the system to an unloading site, if a receivable.
Select a product, if a despatch.
View Tare, Gross and Nett weights at completion of the site visit.
Receive a despatch docket.

Each weighbridge can have a total of 2 DCS's, one at each end. This allows one weighbridge to cater for traffic arriving in either direction. A DCS can be mounted on a fixed structure such as a post, or to a moveable arm to allow for different heights of vehicle cabs.




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