Weighbridge & Bulk Handling


Hardware & Software Background:

Hardware & Systems Sales have been developing weighbridge control systems (hardware and software)  for more than eight years. Our products include bulk product handling systems, stock and production control, driver control stations, unmanned weighing control, security camera monitoring, as well as manned weighbridge software for public and private weighbridges. Our ‘DayWay’ public weighbridge software is, to date, the only Department of Fair Trading approved weighbridge software in NSW.



Our expertise is in the customisation of products to suit our clients’ requirements.  We can design a system to your specifications, make changes to our existing products or provide professional advice on hardware and software design, database structure and implementation, interface requirements to existing or new hardware or software, and site planning.  New modules are developed in a structured timetable to meet your deadline or on an 'as required' basis.

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