DayWay-Smart Software


DayWay-Smart is a proximity card issuing program which writes details such as identification, security clearance codes, acceptable product codes, etc, to proximity cards.

Proximity cards are the size of a standard credit card, they contain no batteries and work by transmitting digital information to a reader through high frequency radio waves. The technology allows a card to be read or written to from a range of 10cm to 10 metres, depending on the type of reader. The long range readers (up to 10 metres) allow the monitoring and control of products, containers or vehicles through any stage of production or movement within a site. The MIFARE proximity card system which we currently use is a secure system where readers will only recognise cards issued from one source. The security codes are issued by Philips Australia and cannot be re-issued or duplicated by anyone throughout the world! It provides one of the best security systems available.




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