DayWay-Stock Software


DayWay-Stock handles stock in a production-type facility. Nett weights of raw goods entering the site, or finished products leaving the site are recorded by either a weighbridge operator or by vehicle drivers using driver control station touch screens. Various reports can be generated.

The DayWay-Stock software handles all movement of products in, out and within the site. It allows adjustments for stocktake, shrinkage, etc, and reports on production for any product in any time period. Multiple sites can be controlled by manual entry of weights from those sites. The system can use one or more driver control stations (touch screens) for fast throughput and efficient use of weighbridge personnel. 

The main features of the system are:

Multiple stock-piles
Control of multiple sites
Manual stock adjustments with operator audit trail
Internal transfers of stock within sites
Allows re-processing of product
Production totals reported for any time period and any product
User selectable valid tare periods
Reprint dockets for any time period or any load
Full history for any time period
Current stock totals for any product



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